Hey! I'm Jess

Born and raised in Georgia with the middle name Jean! Cute, right? I hope you agree!
Georgia Jean Boutique & Co. LLC. allows me to share all the things I love to make as well as cute stuff from other creators and their small businesses.

We all work together in hopes of you supporting our dreams! <3

Happy shopping!


The Struggle Vlogs

If you choose to follow our my life, you'll be seeing a lot of my support system...AKA my best friends and family. Although it’s always a complete struggle to balance our lives… we (me and my friends) don’t let anything mess with our gym time. The Struggle Vlogs really depicts our friendship and how, contrary to popular belief… we don’t have our lives together at all. Hahaha. From having to ask each other to borrow money or start tabs, to having to pause the business for months. But being scared to make a jump? Nah. At first yes, but ever since we’ve become addicted to taking action. We got this whole business going right?! Throughout our journey we’ve lost our way multiple times… in fact we still jump around. But hey, just like this little paragraph…. We all struggle 😅. We promise we’re getting better and learning as we go… watch our first and currently only vlog if you wish!